Experienced new home builders in Toowoomba

Building a new home is a big decision. Ensure your home is built by the best and call our team at Griffiths Concrete & Construction.

Our builders have more than 20 years’ experience creating custom homes throughout the Toowoomba region. We work with you to plan a new home build that’s cost-efficient, while also working in any specific design plans you have.

Throughout the planning phase, we will recommend a number of environmentally friendly options that have the potential to save you money on bills in the future. Natural ventilation, PV panels, solar power, grey water systems—we have a number of choices that will ensure you save money, while doing your part for the environment.

Of course, some of the best benefits to building a new home are simply the fact that everything is new. Carpets, walls, features, colours, everything is new and clean. Appliances are picked and installed to your standards and budget, and we can design your kitchen or bathroom around specific features. Building new gives you complete control over what goes into your home.

Not sure whether you should build new or buy an existing property? Contact our experienced builders for helpful advice about the benefits of building a new home.

Get your earthworks handled by the best. Contact Griffiths Concrete & Construction today for quality earthmoving services throughout Toowoomba and the surrounds.