Toowoomba’s best place for stunning rock wall ideas

Give your backyard or commercial landscape a stunning finish with an affordable retaining wall from Griffiths Concrete & Construction. With a selection of stylish rocks to choose from, your property will wow everyone who sees it.

No two backyards are the same, so their retaining walls shouldn’t be either. Our builders will work with you to understand your thoughts and ideas, and will provide you a number of options to get started.

Using quality, Australian stone, we’ll create retaining walls that look stunning and natural. Or, if you fancy something a bit more decorative, we have a coloured stone range available in every colour of the rainbow—and more!

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Looking for something more modern and cost-effective? Then consider a concrete retaining wall. Whether it’s concrete blocks, sleepers or custom-poured, our team will ensure your garden or landscape is well supported and looking fantastic.

Turn your sloping backyard into a usable area today. Call Griffiths Concrete & Construction and we’ll design and build a stunning retaining wall for your residential or commercial property, no matter where you are in Toowoomba.